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The View 2 

Secrets, Lies, & Betrayal

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Actions have consequences. As secrets, lies, and betrayal get revealed, Karli and Hudson's world begins to unravel behind the decisions they've made. The chain reaction of events that is unknowingly set in motion will expose if it's only the grass that appears greener on the other side. 

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getting back to me 


august 2020

the deceptive twin 

by l. r. Jackson

The Deceptive Twin follows twin sisters, Monroe and Morgan. Feisty and spoiled, Monroe is the complete opposite of her twin sister. She has it all; an immaculate home, endless access to money and credit cards, and a doting husband who loves her despite her overzealous spending and uncaring ways. Still, none of it is enough. In a quest to free herself for an unforgettable weekend, she enlists the help of her twin sister, Morgan. Quiet and responsible, Morgan is the good sister. She's the one that everyone can depend on and has good wits with a sweet spirit. When Monroe asks her to step into her life for a weekend, she's sorely against it. She lives a modest yet lonely life and has never had the blessings granted to her that Monroe has had. She feels that Monroe should appreciate the life she has been granted especially Jasen, her husband. However, her love for her twin sister allows her to do the unthinkable—step into Monroe's life and pretend to be her. Only, this short weekend stint turns into a lifetime disaster.  

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Praise for the Never Again...No More Series by Award Winning Literary Book Reviewer Diamond's Literary World

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This book took me on a hell of a rollercoaster ride, and somehow, I felt that you were right there riding in the seat next to me. The smallest comment meant the world to me, and it kept me encouraged! Throughout the editing process, you were my Doula, and I know that my "baby" will be a blessing to many! 

Kisha Townsend, Author of Back 2 Me Kafe


The editing process drives me crazy, but thank goodness there are great editors like Untamed Publishing that are willing to go to the edge of crazy with you! 

Vulyncia Poindexter, Author of Falling Into Temptation


Never Again...No More is a riveting tale of survival and living with the choices we make.

Readers' Favorite


This story was one to wait for. It proved to be the epitome of suspenseful storytelling. Each character's life drama had the pages eagerly turning. Very impressed with this first time author.

Review of Never Again...No More II by Amrak Book Reviews


King's Suite: The Rise of Pooch Smalls by Untamed, was a great read! It was a fast read, no dull spots and provided some good reading entertainment!

Adventures in Writing and Reviewing, A. Renee Hunt Book Blog




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