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Proofreading service: Work will be checked for basic spelling and grammar errors. Feedback will be given on overall professional opinion of the book with critique suggestions. 

Base cost is for the first 200 pages only Additional pages will incur a $50 per additional 100 pages. (Breakdown: 250 pages = additional $25 = cost $125. 

This should be the final step of your editing process. Substantive (Developmental) and Copy editing are not a part of this process and will not be completed under the proofreading service. If these services are needed, the author will need to pay for those services through Untamed Publishing at the set costs listed for those services or resubmit after those services have been completed. 

Details: Book must be emailed to Untamed Publishing within 48 hours. There will be a 24 hour additional timeframe to request for refund. After the initial 72 hour timeframe, no refunds will be given. Basic proofreading contract is required. All documents will be sent and must be signed by both parties (Untamed Publishing and author) within the first 72 hours unless otherwise specified by Untamed Publishing. 

Please allow max of 45 days turnaround for books 1-250 pages. 60 days turnaround for 251-399 pages. 75-90 days for 400 or more pages. However, work may be returned prior to those timeframes.

*Use Coupon Code: SERVICE OPTION to remove shipping (if purchasing through web store)

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