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Actions have consequences. Karli and Hudson's affair was filled with sugary romance and explosive sex encompassed in a close-knit friendship. As they begin their new life together as husband and wife, the idea of who they are as a couple quickly begins to fizzle as the pressures of real-life surmount. The newlywed couple struggles to keep their old loving ways in-tact, while unknowingly being thrust into plots determined to separate their union. The weave of deceit they spun with their relationship opens Pandora's Box as friends turn into enemies and long-buried secrets are resurrected that will rock them to their core. As secrets, lies, and betrayal get revealed, Karli and Hudson's world begins to unravel behind the decisions they've made. With the odds stacked against them, it begs to ask the question is the grass truly greener on the other side.*

*Due to personalized signed copy, all sales are final*

The View 2 - Secrets, Lies, & Betrayal - HARDCOVER

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