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Be{Cause} Poetry-Get Featured!

At Untamed Publishing, we pride ourselves in keeping you in the "know" of current events with reputable companies so that you can gain Unlimited exposure. Be{Cause} Poetry is one brand that will appeal to the poetry lover and writer in you! Not ready to take that next step? Looking for a place to get your feet wet with publishing? Or a place for a poet to call home? Look no further than Be{Cause} Poetry. Submit your work and show the world your Untamable Poetic Side! (See Submission Rules and Guidelines Below).


Their Mission: Be{Cause} Poetry is an online poetry journal that currently has goals to publish an e-pub/e-book/e-zine 3 times a year. We currently publish poems on our blog from both submissions and non-submissions that inspire us. Be{Cause} Poetry is seeking to give a home and voice to the emerging poets or the ones that are shy (we will respect your anonymity) or the ones that only write when the mood strikes.

Submission Guidelines: Deadline: rolling submissions for blog feature will open June 1st


  1. We accept poetry only. (unless submitting art for cover/blog, see below)

  2. Please send no more than 5 of your best poems

  3. No more than 50 lines per poem

  4. Email attachment or in the body of the email is fine

  5. Send FULL submission in ONE email

  6. Simultaneous submissions accepted, but please let us know if you are accepted elsewhere ASAP

  7. No previously published work (except on your own personal blog/website/tumblr if said piece has been removed first)

Email all submissions to:


Untamed Publishing suggests Be{Cause} Poetry as a reputable site. Use of the site is solely based on your discretion. Be{Cause} Poetry is the owner and operator of the Be{Cause} Poetry blogsite and email. All rules, guidelines, submissions and rights are the sole ownership and responsibility of Be{Cause} Poetry.

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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