Your Brand and You

One of the most essential elements of building a strong business is building a strong brand that represents your business. In this week's blog post, we focus on the first step to building a successful brand that is representative of your business. YOU. Yes, you! You are your brand and here's why focusing on your attitude, business ethics and professionalism play a major part in branding.

To give some inside tips and helpful advice, we are proud to have guest blogger, CEO and brand ambassador of The EK Brand and 50 Shades of Success, Kisha L. Townsend.

We present...

Your Brand and You

Your Brand – What is it?

Your logo is not your brand and your brand is not your logo

Your logo is a symbol that helps your customers and potential customer identify you.

Answer: You are your Brand

When you wake up in the morning and Thank God that you are able to put your feet on the floor, up until the time you lie down in your bed to go to sleep at night


You are a Direct Reflection of Your Brand


Welcome to the world of Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment and Edutainment!

“Created with Love” dedicated to satisfying your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

The “Key Words” used when describing the brand are all positive


If the owner’s personality, words and actions are negative, which is a contradiction to what their brand stands for, how can the owner expect anyone to believe that they have a business that is truly created with love?

Remember the Double A’s: Attitude and Actions