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The Balancing Act: Take the "IM" out of imPossible

School's out and what does that mean? Yes, summer vacation, but what does it really mean? Time to regroup and get started on making your dreams a reality. For women, fulfilling your dreams can be a daunting task. Women often wear an "S" on their chest, but being Superwoman can sometimes fall short when it comes to yourself. This week Untamed Publishing wants to focus on the Untamable women of the world and take the "IM" out of impossible!

We are honored to have guest blogger, D.D. Wright, English school teacher, Owner of Poetic Soul, Inc. and most importantly, a MOM to give helpful advice on how to be the best Untamable you that you can be!


To be an entrepreneur, an independent author, and mother requires a lot of energy individually. How do I know? I know because I am all of the above, in addition to being a full time junior high school teacher. Here’s a little more about me. I incorporated Poetic Soul Inc. in September of 2014, which is my small business. Initially, I offered services to writers as well as handmade and hand painted candles and canvases. I have since focused on handmade candles. I have published three books, Poetry 2Life (2012), Dear Royals, Panhandlers and Hopeful Souls: 42 Unpublished Letters (2015) and The Renaissance Woman (2016). Recently, I released my first short story, an eBook, "Coincidental Fate". I have been a full time school teacher since 2002. In February of 2006, I became a mother.

The piercing question on most women’s minds is: how do I manage? At times, I have no clue. I have figured out a few things though. These points have helped to redirect me and keep me going when it seems impossible. It may be tiresome at times and difficult at other times, but I know one thing for certain…it’s not impossible at all.

I want to help you turn your impossible outlook into a world of possibilities. Here are some valuable techniques, should I say lessons, that I’ve learned over the years that have become my saving grace. Hopefully, with a little effort and practice they will become yours too.

1) Time Management: I used to think managing time was a joke. The more “life” began to happen, I realized it is a very real factor. Take promoting and marketing for instance. I update social media in the morning, after I drop my daughter off to school. I try to reply to comments as well as view the pages of those I follow to show support during my lunch break. I may or may not post, but I definitely update again when I get off of work and before bedtime. Yet, I don’t spend a lot of time on social media sites. The key is to make the time intervals count and to come up with a schedule that works for you! Everything can be done as long as the time is made. I take advantage of moments as they present themselves.

2) Recognizing Limitations: This factor requires honesty. My daughter is ten years old and deserves my undivided attention. I recognize that I may not be able to do certain things in order to be available for her. Oprah delivered it best. She said, "Sometimes, you have to say no to others to say yes to yourself." That quote has helped me on many days. Some of us want to believe we can do it all. I have come to learn that I cannot and that is okay. I do as much as I can when I can, recognizing I am also a human. I analyze my limitations in order not to burn myself out. No books will be written nor candles made if I don’t admit that I too, am limited.

3) Reaching For Wisdom: This is so very important. I always ask those I network with or encounter, "How have you managed to be successful in (fill in the blank)?" Most of the time, I ask women who are also mothers and/or have careers in addition to their small businesses. Never be afraid to seek guidance from strong, supportive individuals. I look for inspiration and strategies from those who have and continue to do it and guess what? I find it.

4) Intentional Growth: Fear and Doubt are two imposters I avoid whenever I sense them. I not only grow as a professional, I blend in growth as a mother. I share bits and pieces of what I do and would like to do with my daughter. Her growth is mine and vice versa. I try new things, new genres to write with plans to do more once each are accomplished. I don’t grow by mistake. My intention is to do just that. I welcome failure as well. It is yet another path to growth. All the while, knowing my daughter is watching. It is truly the best of both worlds where growth is concerned.

5) Faith: Perhaps this should have been the first one, however, besides being the Alpha, He is also the Omega. I have faith in God. The gifts I have been given, including my only child, were not given to me by default. Before publishing Poetry 2Life, I recall hearing TD Jakes speak of how arrogant artists were. "They think it’s about them when it’s really about helping others." I know that whatever may happen, it will work out for my good. Sales may not rise as much as I would like. My supervisor may be pressuring me to do more and my daughter may be going through a growing pain all the while business needs to be done and deadlines need to be met. Faith has carried me further than any strength I can think of. My ethics in addition to my legacy are based in faith. Amen.

Whether you choose to use these lessons or others, just know that as long as you believe and trust in yourself…nothing is impossible.




D.D. Wright is an author, poet, teacher, radio host and the Owner of Poetic Soul, Inc. You can get connected with this dynamic woman in business at and please check out her boutique and more at


The balancing act can be a bit overwhelming, but with these few helpful tips and advice you can be on your way to unleashing your unlimited potential. The only question now is what are you waiting on? In order to make it come true, you have to be willing to make it happen. Remember invest in yourself and others will invest U!

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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