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Unleash Your Publishing Fear: Quick Tips for New and Potential Authors

Deciding whether or not to publish your work can usually be summed up in one word: Fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of not knowing if readers will like your work. The fear of how to get started. The fear of which direction to go. The fear of doing the wrong things and making the wrong moves. That's why we at Untamed Publishing want to help you unleash your unlimited writing potential and get that fear out of you!

What better way to do that than to get advice from a new author? Hearing words of encouragement and advice from someone who is in your shoes can be just the motivation needed to make your publishing dreams come true. We're honored to have new author and poet, Rashida V to give her tips and advice that helped her join the ranks of others: PUBLISHED AUTHOR.


I am Rashida V., the new author of a book of poems entitled: From The Abundance of My Pen. This book was in the making for a really long time; until it manifested on May 23rd of this year. Although I've been featured in a host of publications; nothing felt as special as producing my own. I mentioned earlier that my process was long. In that statement, I'm referring to making the decision to go through with it. The biggest fear for most people is simply the fear of following through, but if you can push past the fear, you'll find it is one of the greatest feelings for the creative soul. Simply put, being an author is gratifying.

To help potential new authors like myself, I'd like to offer some advice. Here's some helpful tips that I suggest:

*Decide what you want to write about. Then work hard at making sure it's your best work.

*Make sure to do some research on the topic(s). We must look well learned.

*Make sure that you are writing everyday, even if you have to go back in the future and change a few things. Over editing in the beginning slows the process and at times can lead to boredom.

*Next, put a deadline in your head of when you would like to produce your work.

*Regarding poetry, I suggest you select your most amazing pieces. You always want to produce the best work.

*Before you are almost finished, shop around for a publisher that will benefit your financial situation. Being an Author is great but, it is not the most lucrative business in the world.

*Edit and edit and edit again. Sometimes, it's best to use other eyes as well. Too many grammatical errors can destroy a reader's confidence in your work.

*Don't forget to get your work copyrighted. Protect your words, by all means!

Most of all, have fun in the creative process! You can't take yourself too serious.

Finally, or should I say most importantly, pray to the tenth power and trust that you've put your best pen forward in the creative process.

Follow these few steps and I believe you'll be pleased with your final project.

Trust your hands, and write! GOD bless!

Rashida V. A.k.a Lady Poetry by way of NJ.


Rashida V a.k.a Lady Poetry is a newly published author whose work has been featured in several magazines and anthologies. Her work can be found in the following:

A Literary Assault on The American Mind: (Anthology) 2015 The Poetic Soul Talk Show Magazine 2015 Brown Molasses Sunday (Anthology) 2016 S.O.U.L Magazine Vol 1. (Anthology) 2016 Voices Unheard (Anthology) 2016

From the Abundance of My Pen 2016


Publishing can indeed be scary, but so is every "first" in life. Just like with your first time riding a bicycle, your first day on a new job and your first time picking up a pen, publishing can be a new and exciting step. Pick up that pen, write your heart out and don't be afraid to take the next step. Invest in yourself and others will invest in U!

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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