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25 Advanced Adjectives to Advance Your Writing Skills

At Untamed Publishing, our goal is to help you unlock your unlimited writing potential. That goal doesn’t begin after the book is finished. It begins in the thought process and the developmental stages. Our goal is to help you become a better writer so that you can introduce your best self to the literary world and the world wide world of readers.

As a writer, your aim should be to grow always. No, not in height, but in word depth and maturity. Writers should learn more about their craft and hone their skills. It marks the difference between good writers and well...not so good writers.

Let's consider it for a moment. If growth and maturity were not important, then why did our grade school teachers provide us with lengthier and more difficult words every year in school? Why did we have to graduate from learning basic English such as nouns and verbs to understanding tenses, alliterations, get the point. It is because a 12th grader should not still mimic a 2nd grader in speech and writing. Just as growth is needed in academics, writers should aim to grow with each work. Your first book should not read the same as your tenth. In other words, if you wrote, "I saw the sick dog limping" in your first book then your tenth book should read with greater maturity, such as "I observed the feeble hound walking hastily." It's all about the word play.

Adjectives are a common way that writers add description to their work. However, it goes far beyond Mary’s pink dress. (Pink is the adjective here). Let’s learn some new descriptors to add to your repertoire. To assist you on your writing journey, I’ve provided a quick list of advanced adjectives that will be sure to help you with your descriptive writing. Please feel free to keep this list and refer often so that you can turn your writing into award-winning words.

Adjectives from A-Z


























Boom! There you have it. Keep in mind this is only a short list to help get those creative juices flowing in your mind down through your fingertips. These and other advanced adjectives will help you sound like the professional writer that you know you are! Besides, doesn’t it sound much more interesting to read that- “Her zany theatrics could be attributed to her youthful attitude versus she acts crazy because of her childish ways?” Come on and admit it. You know it does. And if you know it, your readers will too. Remember invest in yourself and your readers will invest in U!

Until next time…

Untamably Yours,


Untamed Publishing


Untamed is the Owner and CEO of Untamed Publishing. She has 7 published works, has appeared on numerous print and radio ads and is an Amazon Bestselling author.

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