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Why Authors Should Read As Much As Write!

One of the most prolific statements in the world is, "reading is fundamental". Three words that pack almost as much of a powerful punch as "I love you". Why? Simply put, because it's TRUE! One of the surefire ways to acquire knowledge and cultivate your craft is simply through reading.

Alyssa Hunt knows the importance of reading. She is an author who has also made a career as an avid book reviewer/blogger. As this week's guest blogger on Untamed Publishing, she'll explain just why authors should read just as much as they write!


Hi! My name is Alyssa and I’m the owner of Books! Books! Books! and My Adventures and Mistakes at my website: I’ve been an author all my life, but professionally for a few years now. I’ve written one novel, a novella and a few short stories.

I come to you today with some wise advice- information I gained by making a total fool of myself. Have you done that yet? Well, I bet you didn’t pay out around $1800 for your book to be published, did you? Terrible mistake. Or find that the second company you published with was just a “Glamor” publishing group and pretty much did nothing at all, huh? Big Whomp there too! Well, I did that, but I didn’t know any better back then. I was so anxious to get my work in front of people, I made mistake after mistake. Thankfully, I learned a few things that prevented me from making any more and I saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!

Not really, but I did save money and my car insurer is Geico.

So I took my novels back from the publishers. I’d never have imagined doing such a thing had I not read about it. A character actually did it in a book and I thought, “Can you really do that?” Sure ‘nuff- I got my book and rights back and moved on. The thing is, I thought I knew everything. I’d never have known my rights and privileges, had I not read about it. I also learned more on writing styles- and how it doesn’t have to be by the so-called book! I’ve read/reviewed so much, Goodreads says I hit 173 books, this year alone- I kid you not! And because of all that reading, I am now prepared to complete my current novel in progress.

I have more confidence, I’ve developed a style I feel is different from most and I know that I’ll save money and time by doing all the hustling myself. Many authors feel they don’t need to read, but I’m going to be very honest: It should be a requirement. It should be at the top of your list to read a book every month or two. And don’t make it in the same genre; branch out and see what else there is out there. You’ll be surprised and you’ll find yourself educated and may even change things up a bit. Trust me on this.

So please walk away from this posting, knowing a few things: (1) You should always be reading; (2) Never pay to be published unless it’s for the necessities like editing, book covers, etc.; and (3) I’m always taking on new titles, so if you need someone to read your book- I’m your girl! Trust me (now); I’m a professional.

Have an amazing day!




Alyssa Hunt is the owner of Books! Books! Books! and My Adventures and Mistakes. Get acquainted and stay connected with Alyssa:


As authors, we understand the passion to write. It's ingrained in our DNA, right? Just as writing is ingrained in you, the importance of nourishing your passion to assist you with branding, business, writing practices and expansion should be as well. With the vast availability of information, it is easier than ever to improve and hone your skills. All you have to do is read. Remember, invest in yourself and your readers will invest in U!

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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