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Enjoy a Book! Pick up "Falling Into Temptation" by Vulyncia Poindexter

I know...I know...our blogs are often informative advice on writing and the literary industry. However, we are...just like we hope you are...readers too! (And announcing a new book release is also informative, lol) More than anything, we love a good book! What better way to highlight and promote reading than to highlight UP's Untamable Client, Vulyncia Poindexter and her new release, Falling Into Temptation.

Falling Into Temptation or affectionately known as FIT was just released September 23rd and it is Vulyncia's first urban book read. And if we do say so ourselves (and we do), it is a certified banger!


Tempest Turner is all about getting what she wants. As the owner of the up-and-coming gentlemen's club Head Turnerz, Tempest lives by one rule: Do what you need to get what you want! That is until a series of unfortunate events begins to make her take a second look at her selfish attitude. Does she give up her wants for her needs or can she continue to have it all?

Alyssa King has worked hard for the life she has. Conservative, she's all about the perfect image. She is the owner of one Atlanta's premier beauty salons, married to a career driven man and together, they have two wonderful children. But after the perfect couple's get away Alyssa is forced to admit that maybe her life, her man, and her marriage isn't all she wants it to be.

Two friend’s lives become forever changed as secrets come to the light and the truth is undeniable. With their lives in utter disarray, they are forced to make the choice to walk away or fall into temptation.


As an added bonus, we've included a short snippet from FIT for your enjoyment:

I ran to my office after Derrick’s audition. I couldn’t take it; he had started with a nice, slow, and simple dance to an artist named, Jeremih’s song, “Let’s go to the Mo”. I raised an eyebrow with the choice of the song, which stated that your man at home can’t do it better. He worked the stage for a minute then the song changed to another song by Jeremih, “Raindrops” and he walked to Toni and me. I prayed he reached for Toni, but instead, he reached for me. If I resisted Toni would want to know why, so I allowed him to take my hand.

Taking me up on stage, he began to grind his body on me, and licking his lips as if he was about to have a feast while singing in my ear… “Let me get them oohs, them ahhs.” I tried to stop myself from grinding back into him. Lifting me up, he wrapped my legs around his waist. With the pole to his back, he leaned back against it as he worked his lower body rocking side to side. Rolling his belly and the bottom half of his body, he put his hands above him holding the bar for support and continued to grind while I sat on his lap. I could feel his manhood against me. Sitting straight up, I wanted to put my hands on his chest and scream for him to take me right then and there.

He danced like Ginuwine with a body like LL. At 6’0, his moves were flawless. Just then, the music changed to the first song again. Holding on to my hips, he lifted me and placed me on his shoulders with his face right in my crotch. It might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn he licked me through my jeans then placed me on my feet. I couldn’t speak and I knew my face showed my lust. I just stared at him and wanted to wipe the cocky grin off his face as he said loud enough for me to hear, “Does he do it like that?”

Not bothering to answer, I ran off stage as Toni began hollering for an encore. I knew she’d follow me and have questions once she saw me hightail it out of there.

“So?” Toni stood leaning against the door waiting for an answer.

I knew lying to her would be pointless. Blowing out air, I placed my head on my desk. “Derrick is my ex.” I slowly raised my head to see her reaction.


Are you salivating for more? We sure are! This novel is full of grit and spice. We encourage you to pick up this new read and see what it means to fall into temptation because...

Karma is a bitch, but it has nothing on temptation!


Stay connected with Vulyncia and pick up her poetry books, Timeless Clock and Timeless Ink too!

Falling Into Temptation:

Connect to Vulyncia:




At Untamed Publishing, we understand the importance of supporting indie authors. There are a world of books, and we want to introduce you to your next favorite read and next favorite author. It's always nice to take time out to support those who not only support us, but support countless others and Author Vulyncia Poindexter is assuredly a timeless supporter of indie authors and literary businesses. She epitomizes our slogan...invest in yourself and others will invest in U and you'll be glad that you invested in her books. Congratulations Vulyncia!

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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