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Enjoy a book! Pick up Island Adventures: The WanderLynn Experience 2 by L. Loren

UP's Untamable Client, L. Loren is back with a brand new release, Island Adventures: The WanderLynn Experience 2.

Island Adventures is available to add to your reading list on Goodreads and will be released on Friday, November 4th. It is L. Loren's second LoveRotica book read and part 2 of her WanderLynn Experience series. This book, just like the first, is written like a prize champ! And if we do say so ourselves (and we do), it is a certified cup of piping hot steam! But not only is there steam, there is drama, mystery, suspense and of course...adventure!



As Connor and Lynn embark on their journeys, fate has intervened once again as they discover they are headed to the same vacation destination, turning the ultimate single’s retreat into two weeks of couple’s bliss.

As these lovers unite, their romance is set ablaze creating a lifetime of lustful memories on their island adventures. They learn more about themselves and each other as these two star-crossed lovers, nourish their new budding love.

Yet, as their love story begins to develop, outside forces begin to wreak havoc on the couple. Connor and Lynn become embattled by naysayers with evil intentions and even deadlier actions, leaving the question, who is lurking behind the scenes to destroy Connor and Lynn? And more importantly, can this new love withstand?

Find out in the jaw-dropping sequel…The WanderLynn Experience: Island Adventures.

With characters inspired by actor Hugh Jackman and model Tocarra, this book is guaranteed to make you sizzle! And did we mention this is Book 2? Be sure to pick up Book 1, The Layover: The WanderLynn Experience to get caught up before the new release arrives!


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At Untamed Publishing, we understand the importance of supporting indie authors. There are a world of books, and we want to introduce you to your next favorite read and next favorite author. So this week we celebrate this indie author's awesome accomplishments! She has a beautiful spirit and her writing is truly a reflection of that. She embodies our slogan...invest in yourself and others will invest in U and you'll be glad that you invested in her books. And if you need further proof, check out her blog Sex, Love and Plots: The importance of developing a proper storyline when writing erotica on our blog page. You'll be glad you did! Congratulations again, L. Loren!

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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