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Enjoy a book! Get Caught UP in Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind & Soul by Tamara Wellons-B

On our last blog we introduced you to a brand new read so what can be better than that? Introducing you to another brand new read, of course! We want to introduce you to the wide world of books and there's no better way to do that than to highlight and promote UP's Untamable Client, Tamara Wellons-Blanks and her new release, Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind & Soul which dropped today!

Tamara is no stranger to the written word, writing poetry and plays since her early childhood days. Although, new to the publishing industry, she is surely blazing trails with her pen. Her latest release, Poetic Compilations appeals to the poetry lover in you. Heartfelt poetic scribes provide healing and soothing to readers. This book resonates within as it provides relaxation and mind-stimulation.



Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul is a three section compilation of poetic delight. Poetic Heart is written venturing into the emotions of love endured during various types of relationships, parenthood included. Love can bring a variety of emotions, from heartwarming to heartbreaking. Love, the real emotional rollercoaster. Poetic Mind is written to enlighten and entertain the mentality. Poetic words of neutral, open-minded creativity will pique the interest of the mind. Poetic Soul is written to remind and reiterate the importance of God and His Word. Poetic Soul, will touch the soul, with words of encouragement and spiritual motivation. Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul will intrigue, enlighten, entertain and encompass the reader with poetic words of delight.


Stay Connected with Tamara Wellons-Blanks aka Author Dandii Lion

Facebook: Author Dandii_Lion

Instagram: author_dandii_lion

Twitter: Dandiiauthor1


Check out her first release: Biblical ABC Learning. A great teaching tool for children to learn their ABC's and the word of God. Available on Amazon.


At Untamed Publishing, we understand the importance of supporting indie authors. There are a world of books, and we want to introduce you to your next favorite read and next favorite author. We celebrate this indie author's awesome accomplishments and congratulate her on new release!

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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