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Author Interview: Fall into the Temptation of reading with author Vulyncia Poindexter

Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published and independent author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author!


This interview features, author Vulyncia Poindexter. It's time to fall in love with all things Timeless as we get to know this phenomenal author and her works!


Now before we begin, I must say that this interview is truly an honor. Vulyncia is a dynamic woman and an extraordinary poet and author. Yasss girl yasss! Though I've worked with her in several capacities, this is the first time we get to kick back and delve into actual interview mode, and I, for one, can't wait! So let's get into it!

Welcome to UP author interviews, Vulyncia! Before we begin, please tell us a little about yourself.

Yasss hunty! That intro tho! I'm humbled and honored, truly. Thank you. Well as for me, I am a social worker with two amazing girls, and I have always loved to write. Poetry is and always will be my first love.

And your poetic pen is absolutely fiyah! Trust me on that, readers. Get into that Timeless Clock and Timeless Ink! Why did you choose to bless the world with your blazing pen and become a published author?

When my mother became sick and passed away in 2012, I wanted to leave my name on more than just a tombstone. Prior to her passing, I was scared to take the leap then I realized I was wasting time, and it wasn’t hurting anyone but myself.

Wow! Those are truly powerful words, and I am so glad that you were able to use that grief and turn it into something positive. Since becoming published, what genres do you write or wish to write?

I write poetry, urban fiction and women's fiction. I’d like to take a stab at mystery novels in the future.

Now that, I would love to read. Let's continue to dive in and learn more about you. When it comes to writing, are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am a night owl for sure.

Tell us a unique writing habit that you have.

I write as it comes. If that means I write the last scene first or the middle, then so be it.

Hmm Mmm. You know I'm side-eyeing right now. I promise, readers, you'll find out why later, lol! We're going to come back to that, but for now, tell us if you were to write a book about yourself what would you name it? Why?

Oh man that’s a good question. It would be called, “Everybody’s Voice but Mine.” The reason being is because until my late twenties, I relied heavily (consciously and unconsciously) on what everyone else had to say about me and what was best for me.

Now that is a book that I believe everyone needs to read especially in today's times when so many people are focused on someone else for approval. Speaking of books, let's switch gears for a moment and discuss your work. Tell us about your current book project?

My latest release is a book co-authored by myself and Author Untamed. Boss Queens The Stiletto Mafioso is about a young woman who’s world is turned upside down by secrets taken to the grave by her mother, but not exactly buried.

Remember when I mentioned that I was coming back to the side-eye moment, readers? This is it! LOL! I have had the pleasure of co-authoring a novel with the lovely Vulyncia aka Timeless V, and I can attest that she is correct about writing as it comes, but she's so dynamic that it works out, and I am proud of the body of work created with BQSM. Now, we can go on and on about BQSM, but please tell us about your future works. What is your upcoming project about? When will it be released?

My upcoming project is Falling into Temptation Part 2: A Twin’s Revenge. It is the continuation of Alyssa’s story from Falling into Temptation Part 1. It is set to release this year (2017).

So readers go ahead and grab your copy of Falling into Temptation before part 2 drops! I promise this sinful delight is well worth it. While we are discussing your writing, what makes your writing stand apart from other authors?

My voice. As crazy as it may sound to others, absolutely nothing set authors apart aside from our voice. How I choose to use my voice is what sets me apart.

That is an excellent point! Speaking of other authors, would you like to collaborate with any other authors on a book project?

Oh goodness yes! When people have a passion for what they do, it can only create great things. That’s power!

Awesome! I love when authors can come together and create masterpieces. While we are on the topic of authors, can you name your top 5 favorite books by indie authors. Why are they your faves?

The entire Never Again No More series, including King’s Suite by Author Untamed. They are my favorites because not only can I relate to their stories, but also I love how the author allows you to grow with the characters. I was so invested in their lives that I cried with them, shouted with them, and was loving their love.

(Your check is in the mail, lol) I'm joking! I promise I didn't make or pay her to say such sweet things. Aww, thank you Vulyncia! I knew from your reviews that you liked my work, but I am honored to know that they are on your list of faves! We've talked about writing, but what are some of your other aspirations for your writing career?

To become a ghost writer for those who aspire to be authors.

Outside of writing, what are your favorite past times?

Reading, spending time with my children, and I just found a new love for fishing.

Tell us one thing about you that is a little known fact.

I’m so free flowing that a lot of scenes in my books are written out of order A LOT. I have a hard time staying structured.

What is one lesson you’ve learned since becoming a published author?

The literary world can be just as catty as any other industry. I’ve learned to trust my intuition more.

What is one myth about being a published author that you learned and would like to share?

You don’t just write a book and that’s it. You have to be willing to put in work not only with promoting but also growing in your writing skills and learning the ins and outs of every aspect of publishing. You don’t have to master it all, but stay in the know.


Vulyncia, it has truly been a pleasure to interview you, and we look forward to your future works. Please connect with the author and pick up your copy of her tempting tale, Falling into Temptation!


Vulyncia Poindexter

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Falling into Temptation

Enjoy These Snippets:

She stared at him from head to toe and knew that he’d cleaned up. She saw the evidence of scratches on his hands and swelling in his knuckles. Stretching out her arms, she pulled him into a tight embrace. He seemed to melt into her arms at the instant connection. The weight of the world seemed to release from him as she held him. Pulling back to look into his eyes, she palmed his face in her hand. “Caesar, I don’t judge you. I know who you are and I know what it is. You did what you had to do, and I ride with you on that.”

Caesar pulled her closer about her waist and planted a deep kiss on her lips. It was so passionate, she swooned. “Thank you.”

Before she could respond, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they continued their fervent kiss, and he carried her into his bedroom. At that moment, he needed her. She was the oxygen breathing air back into his life. He knew that there was a lot of uncertainty of their status and future, but none of that mattered in that moment. In that moment, she was his and he was hers. She was the beauty that tamed his beast as they made sensual love.

“You sure didn’t seem too weak when you was riding the d. First time, shame on me. Second time and more, you wanted it.” Standing up, he stood in front of me peering down at me. “Besides, if we’re only such good “friends” why doesn’t yo’ white boy know ‘bout me?”

Getting up to a full standing position, I stood toe to toe with him and matched his stare. “First off, you ass, he’s not a white boy, but that’s neither here nor there. You could have easily turned down the job or passed it off to someone else stating you didn’t want to mix jobs. Hell, I don’t know but you could have come up with something. He doesn’t know about you because you shouldn’t even exist in my life right now. You should be my past and damn sure not anywhere in my present. The only reason I allowed you to stay in my house is because—”

“You broke up with me.” Derrick finished my sentence. “Because you knew you’d broken my heart.”

I looked away unable to respond. A part of me knew it was out of guilt that I allowed him to stay in my house. He was ready to give me the best, if I just held on and been down to ride with him. He even begged me to give him time. Needless to say, I couldn’t. Furthermore, I didn’t want to. I had always been an “instant results” kind of girl, not a “hold on to maybes” kind of girl.

Still not looking at him, I spoke softly yet firmly. “Derrick, I won’t apologize for what I did. I won’t say I didn’t regret it afterwards, but damn it, you chose to leave. I knew I wasn’t going to wait on you, and I damn sure knew you weren’t going to be faithful to me living damn near twelve hours away. Let’s just try to keep this as simple and as casual as possible, if for no other reason but out of respect for my engagement.” Finally, I looked up at him. I stared into his eyes for some type of sign that he accepted what I was saying.

Nodding his head, he rubbed his goatee. “Respect your engagement…okay cool. I’ve never been the type to ride through a neighborhood that I’m not wanted.” Picking up his tool belt, he slung it back on his shoulder. “I’m out.”

Feeling bad, I grabbed him to turn him around to face me. “Don’t be mad, D. It’s just—”

“Just what, Tempest?!” Derrick turned back to me and the fire in his eyes was evident. “That’s your fucking problem. You always want everything to go your way! You cool as long as things fit your plan! Man, what the fuck I look like, some bitch nigga to you? What? You wanna be friends. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! The fuck I look like sitting up in yo’ crib while you laid up with a muthafucka in y’all’s house and then you want to throw me a crumb! You know what, you fucking right!” Pulling his arm out of my grasp, he got close enough to my face for me to feel the heat of his breath on me. “Tell me you love that nigga. Look me in my eyes and tell me you want to be faithful to that nigga. All you gotta do is tell me, ‘Derrick, I don’t love you. He has my heart one thousand percent’, and I will pack my shit, move and the only time you’ll see me is for work.”

I opened my mouth and quickly closed it. I did love David, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to give up everything with Derrick. I had to say something to try to salvage this situation. “Derrick, you’re my friend. We were friends first; I do—”

Looking at me with pure disgust, he shook his head cutting me off. “I thought so. Man, I’m out. My shit will be gone, and I’ll see you for work, Boss Lady.” He walked out of the office and slammed the door hard behind him.

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