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Girl, Have you read 'Secrets, Lies & the Cover Up by L. R. Jackson

GIRL, HAVE YOU READ? You know a book is good when you hear that sentence! That's exactly what we are saying at UP! Have you read Secrets, Lies & the Cover Up by L. R. Jackson? If not, what are you waiting for? Check out our official review and more information on the book and the author below!


On the surface, Leah Rawson appears to have it all. She has a great career, a wonderful marriage, and a bright future. However, looks can be deceiving and although Leah and her husband Brenden are successful, they have grown apart. She wants nothing more than to get her marriage back on track to how it used to be, but the more she tries, the more he seems to resist and the lonelier she becomes. In walks the sexy and charming Antonio Blake. He gives her an offer she can’t refuse: companionship and sex with no strings attached. What she doesn’t know is that Antonio has an agenda, and Leah soon finds herself telling lies, keeping secrets, and trapped in the middle of a cover-up orchestrated by those closest to her.



Leah Rawson appears to have a perfect life as a high powered attorney and the doting wife of business investor Brenden Rawson. However, Brenden’s demanding work schedule and work addicted ways has caused the two to drift apart over the years. Leah is still fighting for the “good old days” of her marriage, but Brenden is too blinded by work and providing for his family to see that their marriage is in trouble.

And when trouble comes knocking it brings guests. Enter Antonio Blake, the sexy and seductive venture capitalist who hires Leah as his attorney to oversee his newest business venture. He is smitten with Leah, at first sight, and truth be told, she is smitten with him also.

When Leah takes a chance and meets Antonio, a world wind affair begins that consumes both of them. While Antonio vows to keep everything “no strings attached”, Leah battles her decision which she knows will change her life and marriage forever. Yet, on the other hand, she wonders can she really have a life with Antonio?

In the midst of it all, a dark secret that Leah knows nothing about looms and this twisted turn of events leads Leah down a path that she could have never imagined.

Hold on to your seat because this secret brews a storm so devastating that it will destroy everyone in its path!

Overall Rating 5- stars!


About the Author: L.R. Jackson

Lewanda R. Jackson was born and raised in Cambridge, MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She has been writing since she was a little girl but her dreams were placed on hold while she pursued her education, built her career, and became a mom. After high school, she attended Bowie State University for three years before moving to Wilmington, DE. After her daughter was born, she received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration as well as her M.B.A. from Wesley College. She spent years working in the accounting field before deciding she needed a change and she enrolled in Widener University School of Law and completed the Corporate Law program where she obtained her Paralegal certificate. She now works in the Trust and Estate Planning business and in her spare time, she loves reading, cooking, traveling, and of course writing.

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