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Enjoy a book! Get Caught UP in "Before Ever After" by Untamed

Sometimes we have to toot our own horn! Untamed Publishing celebrates all of its clients' releases and successes, therefore, we are extremely proud to celebrate with Untamed herself on her newest upcoming release, Before Ever After!

We love introducing you to wonderful authors and great, new hot books and Before Ever After is no exception. Dropping this Friday, August 18th this novel is filled with drama, love and of course, a little steam! The book is available on the UP website for paperbacks and Kindle on Amazon and it's FREE with Kindle Unlimited. What are you waiting for? Dive into the story of Nikki Washington and Jamison Cooper in the story of Before Ever After.


Meet The Character Inspirations:

What are character inspirations, you ask? These are people who serve as your muse for the characters in your books either because of their looks or personality or possibly both! It's a fun way to engage your readers and give them a bird's eye view into the author's mind. So let's peek into Untamed's mind for a few of her inspirations.

The beautiful and talented Tika Sumpter inspired main character: Nikki Washington

The sexy and smooth Donnell Blaylock inspired main character: Jamison Cooper

The suave and sophisticated RonReaco Lee inspired main character: Brandon Fields

The fun and quirky Teyonnah Parris inspired main character: Tanya Moore

Meet the characters and more in Before Ever After!



Beautiful, educated and career-driven Nikki Washington is living the single life and loving every bit of it. She is the epitome of the independent woman. It’s no secret that she’s been hurt in the past, and those around her feel that she is hiding behind her career to divert love. Although she has reservations about giving love a chance again, she is more convinced that she’s only holding out for Mr. Right. She believes that she has a long way to go before she gets to her happily ever after. Life throws her a curveball when she meets Jamison Cooper. He is as suave as he is sexy. His swag and southern boy charm combined with his go-getter attitude threaten to sweep Nikki off her feet! Will she continue to shun love or can Jamison open her eyes to the possibilities of ever after?



“You’re a mess, Nikki.” He laughed as he moved in front of me. “I promise to take my time on that. Get to know each other well. Do this thing the right way. What do you say about that?” he asked, whisking a lone stray piece of hair out of my face.

I cleared my throat. God. This man was intoxicating. His crisp Calvin Klein cologne spoke to every one of my erogenous zones, and his sweet cinnamon breath lightly kissing my face behind those smoldering eyes and kissable lips made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Even his baby smooth goatee and wavy hair glistened under the sun as it also gave his smooth chocolate skin a soft glow. This man was damn near hypnotizing me. If his pheromones released any more of his hypnotizing potions, I would spring a leak down below and pray that bitch didn’t turn into a river.

“I think I’d like that,” I said barely above a whisper.

“My God. You are so beautiful.” His admiration shone through as he stared into my light brown eyes.

With lowered eyes, I smarted. “You say that to all the girls.”

He lifted my chin so that we were eye to eye again. “I’ve complimented other women, but I only say it when I mean it.”

Exhaling, I couldn’t help but ask. “Why me, Jamison? I’ve dodged you for months.”

A small smirk graced his face. “So you admit that you were dodging me?”

“I mean…shit. I’m so busted.” I placed my hand over my face as we both giggled.

“Nikki, I can’t answer that. It’s just something about you. It’s crazy as hell, I know, but it’s the truth.”

“You’re into the straight-laced mysterious type, huh?”

“I’m into the real all the time type.” Lifting my hand, he planted a soft and supple kiss on the back of it.


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At Untamed Publishing, we understand the importance of supporting indie authors. There are a world of books, and we want to introduce you to your next favorite read and next favorite author. This week we celebrate Untamed's awesome accomplishments! She embodies our slogan...invest in yourself and others will invest in U and you'll be glad that you invested in her book.

Until next time...

Untamably Yours,

Untamed Publishing

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