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Author Interview-Meet the Rising King of B&D writing Author Xodus Morgan

Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published and independent author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author!




This interview features, Author Xodus Morgan. Get trapped in his unique writing of the intensely seductive and hair raising, B&D erotica genre! But only if you dare.


Before we begin, we have to stress again that this interview is uniquely different as it covers thoughts and words related to B&D (bondage and dominance) with sexual content. However, it offers life lessons which you will read more about. Writing is an art form embraced by all genres and at Untamed Publishing, we thank Xodus for joining us and telling us his personal and professional story. UP embraces writers of all genres for author interviews. Therefore, we ask that if you are in any way uncomfortable with the content, please refrain from reading or use your own discretion. Due to the content, we deemed 21 as the age appropriate for viewing. Again, we simply ask that if you are under the age of 21, please do not read this interview. Thank you.

Welcome to UP author interviews, Xodus! Before we begin, please tell us a little about yourself.

Hello everyone. I am Xodus (Exodus) Morgan of Night Angel Publishings and Creator of The FALLEN by Xodus Erotica Novels. I am a self-published author and when needed an aspiring photographer. I am a native of Philadelphia, PA. I guess you can say I started exploring in writing fiction back in my middle school days. It was a De-stresser for me and still is today. I guess it was also in my middle school era that I began finding myself attracted to women in bondage. Primarily superheroines in bondage and damsels in distress scenarios by just watching regular cartoons and TV shows but nothing explicit. By high school, I started wrestling, overpowering and tying up my girlfriends. Tickling them while they were helpless led to first kisses and then sexual exploration while they were still helpless. I was massaging breasts before I even knew what the word massage even meant. Surprisingly, I remained a virgin until college. (We might get more into that era later). It was interesting in high school because I really didn't want sex. I just found myself enjoying arousing my captured and helpless prey aka my girlfriends. I enjoyed hearing their moans and sighs. I enjoyed watching them breath heavy and squirm to escape. Watching their eyes close and their muscles clinch. I paid close attention to every arousing detail of what I later learned was foreplay. So throughout my college and young adult life, I made it a point to master foreplaying. Not knowing then that all these experiences would eventually help me become an erotic writer. Because I paid such close attention to detail during foreplay especially bondage foreplay, I use to swear that I could see my girlfriends struggling to resist giving into the arousal as if it was a fight for their very soul. Like it was a war game. As if they were shocked that they were getting hornier than they had wanted to me to see. Then when I became proficient in giving my girlfriends oral stimulation especially while they were tightly bound, I witnessed what defeat in sexual conquest looked like. Watching most of them experience forced orgasms for their first time was always magnificent. They would be both angry and in ecstasy at the same time. Loving the orgasms but angry they were powerless to resist climaxing so many times. I always found that to be interesting and slightly humorous. Even now as a husband especially during angry sex, I laugh. But those experiences help me write some very realistic forced orgasm scenes in my writing. Most people are shocked to discover that I am a male author as they read my work.

Wow! Xodus, let me tell you, we've just begun and I'm already clutching my pearls! And THAT is hard to do, for me. You are the definition of UNTAMED, sir, lol. I know that your experiences shaped your writing style, but please tell us the reason you decided to become a published author. I originally began to write a Christian faith inspired superheroines comic called "The Christianhood" under Genesis Comics way back in 1996 to 1997. It did pretty well but I had to rely on an artist. He was a good dude. I loved his family. But we were on different speeds at that time. So it would take another 11 years before I brought pen to pad again. And this time, I decided to re-publish "The Christianhood" as a novella under Genesis Resurrection Entertainment. And this began my working with models since I wasn't using an artist anymore. During this time, I noticed that my writing and modeling began to get darker and more sexual in nature. It was entirely unforced. This is also when I started reading Urban fiction from authors like Teri Woods (I Loved her "Deadly Reigns" Novels) & Anna Black ("My Woman His Wife" Novels). And it hit me. I needed to create a Christian faith based novella for the Adult Audience and so Dark Angel Publishings was born in 2008. "The Christianhood" evolved into "The Models of Genesis" but it is was still not good enough to spread the lessons and messages I wanted my writing to bring to an "Adult" Audience. So finally, I evolved one more time in writing, photography, and direction. On October 31st, 2010, Night Angel Publishings was born and "The Models of Genesis" evolved into "The FALLEN by Xodus Trilogy" in 2012. The photography was on point, but the story was a little confusing. So my original trilogy is getting an upgrade into "FALLEN: The Reign of the Shinab Family" Trilogy. Book 1 of the Trilogy remake you've read already and gave me a phenomenal review. Thank you so much again for that.

Yes, I did! This is why I mentioned earlier that though the topic covered levels of B&D that it also offered life lessons. Now, readers, you're just going to have to read the book to gain a full understanding, but my review of his novel is available on Amazon to give you a bird's eye view. Now, you've covered this some in the previous question, but just in case you didn't cover them all, what genres do you write or wish to write?

Currently, my genre is primarily erotica but it is blended with supernatural & Christian faith based elements. I honestly don't know if I could write in a different genre because elements of erotica would always filter in naturally.

Now let's get to know you as Xodus, the writer. When you are writing, are you a morning person or night owl?

Primarily a night owl. I'm a LEO. I don't like waking up unless I have to. Lol.

With an imagination like yours, I know you have some unique writing habits. Please share with us a unique writing habit that you have.

Hmmm. Well for action and dialog, I love watching action adventure movies, anime, & Sci-Fi. For seduction scenes & sinister dialog, I love watching suspense thrillers, superheroine/damsel in distress thrillers, reading the Bible, & then for specifics, I have to go into a quiet place and literally relive some of my personal conquest from my past. I have to remember how we wrestled, how I pinned them down, how strong they were, how excited they were to fight and be held tightly. How they specifically moaned or squirmed struggling to free themselves from my grip. How they vibrated to my touch, bite or kiss. How they strained against their restraints determined to not climax even as my tongue grazed their swollen clit and my finger would stir their juices inside their moist feminine caverns. How they looked when exploding and trembling. Then, finally how they looked when defeated. All this helps me when I am writing.

**Raised finger** Ahem. Xodus, let me sip my tea. Let me just say, I definitely understand where your writing style comes from. The impassioned way you speak about your experiences translates well into your writing, and that feat is easier said than done. Dare I even ask, but I will anyway, what makes your writing stand apart from other authors? First, I would have to say my ability as a man to write my female characters in first person without sounding corny. Second, I'd have to say my attention to detail in writing seduction scenes. I truly want my female readers to be able to see themselves as the character being tempted, aroused, overpowered, and restrained. And Third, I'd say how I write dialog and how I use my villains to teach the lessons that I want to get across to my readers.

I can personally attest that you do convey all three of those points in your writing. Xodus, your writing is very intriguing so would you ever consider writing a book about yourself? If so, what would you name it and why?

I have actually thought about this so I find it hilarious that you have just asked me that. Lol. I would call it "Chronicles of a Dark Angel". I guess to recap how I was before realizing that I was being used as a villain in spiritual warfare. Using sexual domination in the form of "friendship" as weapons to bind up aspiring strong women in forms of bondage delaying their blessings while being trapped in my storm. Let's dive into your projects. Tell us about your current book project.

In "FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family" Book 1, you will discover the Dark Erotic side of Spiritual Warfare, when trusted photographer and colleague Jasiel Fitzgerald, one by one introduces his female associates to the seductive and sinister influence of Lucc Siffer Industries and members of the mysterious Shinab Family. Will these women be able to resist the dangers of erotic deceptions, the lure of sensual seductions, and the trappings of sexual bondage while facing their own personal emotional demons?

What is your upcoming project about? When will it be released?

"FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family: Book II" I am still in the process of rewriting my original "FALLEN: Trilogy". Book 2 will start off right where Book 1 ended with Darda Black awakening from being ravished and now in a form of device bondage and still a prisoner in Club Nineveh. You will also see Tamar Aziza being attacked while she was on the phone talking to Darda warning her about Amnon and Jasiel, while being involved in a fight scene. This will give you a sample of what is to come in the rest of the series. I have no due date set yet but I am aiming for Halloween 2017.

What are some of your other aspirations for your writing career?

That is a very good question. I am tempted to put together an erotic photo book. I've been asked several times to write erotica screenplays. But, I am really not sure what the future holds yet. I am so focused on finishing this trilogy and possibly starting a third untitled novella.

I know that you are busy relaunching your books under Night Angel Publishings, (and I know you mentioned two above), but tell us what do you indulge in when you go from writer to reader. Can you name your top five books by indie authors? Why are they your faves?

1. "Deadly Reigns" by Terri Woods. (Not sure if she was still an indie author when I read this but it blew my mind.)

2. "Make Me, Sir (A Masters of the Shadowlands Story)" by Cherise Sinclair

3. "Just a Little Bit More" by Erotic Kookie

4. "Suck Me Dry: Collector's Edition" by Dyphia Blount

5. "The Contract" by Untamed & Author JC

Oh my! I had no idea that my writing partner and I made your top five faves! That's quite an honor and I humbly thank you. And speaking of writing partners, would you like to collaborate with other authors on a book project?

Absolutely! Writing aside, tell us a little bit about Xodus. Outside of writing, what are your favorite past times?

Going to the Gym. Enjoying my family especially on game nights during football season. Going to the movies and restaurants. I want to start traveling more so that I can add that to the list. Lol.

I hear that! Get that passport ready! Now just one more personal question. Tell us one thing about you that is a little known fact. Lawd really? I guess that before I became an erotica author, I was a local gospel rapper: Xodus the Dark Angel.

Being an indie author is not as easy as people think so I want to give you the opportunity to drop some insider jewels to new and aspiring authors. What is one lesson you learned since becoming a published author?

Unfortunately, it's that most authors do not want to network and it is very rare to find like-minded authors to connect with. But, I have been pleasantly surprised to connect with authors outside of my genre.

What is one myth about being a published author that you learned and would like to share?

Don't write to develop an audience. Just tell your story and your audience will appear. Be patient and consistent with being you and you will be rewarded in ways you can't imagine.


Xodus, it has been a pleasure to interview you, and we look forward to your future works. Please connect with the author and pick up a copy of his release "FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family" Book 1!


Author Xodus Morgan


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***21 years of age and older only advised***

Enjoy This Snippet from FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family Book 1

~FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family~

{Darda Alexander}

...I can tell that I have never been to a club like this before. I've just walked in and it already seems difficult for me to concentrate on anything but having sex. I mean I haven't even had a drink yet. The sensual music is RnB & Neo Soul, the strobe lighting is giving me some slight vertigo, and something in the atmosphere is making my skin crawl about this place while at the same time there is this euphoric scent of Jasmine and…Roses in the air. It's very calming…soothing in all this erotic chaos. It is also somewhat, vaguely familiar. Damn. I really have to be careful here. I'm already feeling a little woozie and warm in places I shouldn't. Ever since Dinah went to her meeting here, all her calls are going straight to her voicemail. I take a moment to truly look around and to my surprise every man is a bona fide warrior. Shirtless and extraordinarily beautiful. Every man is wearing a bow tie around his neck, a Velcro belt around their six pack indented waists with two pairs of metal handcuffs with velvet coverings attached to it.

The tight black spandex stretch shorts leave very little to the imagination. I mean they are skin tight on all of their massive tree trunk thighs. This is definitely an environment to overwhelm and seduce an unsuspecting woman. I’m already having thoughts that I shouldn’t. Like…like I want to grabbed tightly by any one of these black and brown Herculean beasts. Damn it! Stop it.

“That's not a good sign, miss."

“Excuse me?” I retort trying not to seem startled by this dark skinned warrior of a man who completely bypassed my peripheral vision, catching me off guard. My first mistake.

“A woman as fine as you, here all alone and vulnerable; not a very smart idea. You are basically allowing yourself to be trapped by someone such as myself. For all of your bravado, your thoughts are not pure enough to resist someone like me in this place. You see in this place you will suffer the consequences of your own privately dark and lustful thoughts that you think are hidden from me in this place. No one will come to rescue you. I will feast on your moans while I quench my thirst from your climaxes. My strength will overpower you, my sex will overwhelm you, and my restraints will render you too helpless to escape me by your strength alone." He warns. Then in one motion he grabs my left wrist and pins it behind my back. As I stare into his eyes, I instinctively attempt to use my free arm to push him off but with surprising speed he wraps his free arm around me now pinning me to his chest bringing his body even closer to me. Dangerously close. What the fuck!! Damn it! Am I really getting moist in my sex for this stranger. I'm…I’m struggling and squirming in a very vain attempt to escape his strength and as my head falls against his shoulder not realizing that I've now allowed him an opportunity to take advantage of this situation and before I know it he clamps his warm mouth down on my exposed throat like a ravenous animal. I swear his teeth actually penetrate my skin igniting all the erogenous zones on my neck, sending jolts of heat to my breasts, my nipples, and my clit. What the fuck just happened? What…Ummmph…what the fuck is happening? I’m…I'm loving this feeling. I mean, I am a very physical and strong woman but his hold on me…has me weak and horny as fuck! He has me so helpless and powerless. I can't break his grip or pull away from his hold and deep down...I don't want to. I want this. No! Stop! Stop it! Ssssnap out of this! I’m…I’m not here for this. I'm here to find Dinah, not to fantasize about the seductive ways this man can continue to overpower me. Dear God! He needs to stop. He's driving me to the edge. I can't keep…resisting him…like this.

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