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Girl, Have you read 'The Mistaken Twin' by L. R. Jackson

GIRL, HAVE YOU READ? You know a book is good when you hear that sentence! That's exactly what we are saying at UP! Have you read "The Mistaken Twin" by L. R. Jackson? If not, what are you waiting for? Check out our official review and more information on the book and the author below!


It was only supposed to last a weekend. Morgan agreed to switch places with her twin sister Monroe while she fled on a weekend rendezvous with another man. But when Monroe becomes fascinated with her new-found freedom, that weekend becomes longer than expected. Morgan finds herself falling deeper and deeper into her twin sister’s life and she’s enjoying every minute of it, especially sleeping next to her sister’s husband every night. She’s developing feelings for him and doesn’t want to return to her boring and lonely life. When an accident occurs and secrets are exposed, will the truth be revealed? Or will she continue to live as her sister forever?

Find out in "The Mistaken Twin".



Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. They can be costly and twin sisters Morgan and Monroe find this out the hard way in “The Mistaken Twin”. When Monroe wants to gallivant around town with her new beau, she solicits the help of her homely twin sister, Morgan to take her place for a weekend. There is only one problem; Monroe is married and not to the man she is spending the weekend with! Yes, Monroe wants Morgan to pretend to be her with her husband while she has an affair. Insert your seatbelt safety signs! Hold onto to your seats! The story takes off with all of sorts of twists and turns and then TRAGEDY! Poor Morgan is trapped in a situation that she didn’t want to be in with a man she is slowly falling in love with. And let us just say that Jasen is most definitely a man that any good woman would fall deeply in love with. From his protective ways, to his caring demeanor, his thoughtfulness, his big heart and oh yes, his bedroom theatrics…Jasen is one hell of a book boyfriend, ladies! Leaving us all questioning, what in the world was Monroe thinking? But more importantly, what is Morgan going to do? What is Jasen going to do? As a reader, we’ll tell you what you should do, grab this book! Slight disclaimer for the faint at heart! If you do not care to read sizzling sex, then put this book down because baby it is hot in there! We loved the story although there were some technical hang-ups. Overall, this book earnestly kept us tuned in. Between Monroe’s selfish and sassy attitude, to Morgan’s loving and caring spirit to Jasen’s well Jasen’s EVERYTHING, we were completely there for it all!

Overall rating- 5 stars


About the Author: L.R. Jackson

Lewanda R. Jackson was born and raised in Cambridge, MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She has been writing since she was a little girl but her dreams were placed on hold while she pursued her education, built her career, and became a mom. After high school, she attended Bowie State University for three years before moving to Wilmington, DE. After her daughter was born, she received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration as well as her M.B.A. from Wesley College. She spent years working in the accounting field before deciding she needed a change and she enrolled in Widener University School of Law and completed the Corporate Law program where she obtained her Paralegal certificate. She now works in the Trust and Estate Planning business and in her spare time, she loves reading, cooking, traveling, and of course writing.

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