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Author Interview-Author Shatisha Nash: Take a Thrilling Journey in her Invisible Secrets series

Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author! This year we have an all new round of writers from all genres so let's saddle in and have an Untamable 2018!



This interview features, Author Shatisha Nash. Join us as she takes us on a thrilling journey of mystery and suspense with her Invisible Secrets series.


Hi Shatisha! Let me first say it is an honor to have you interview with UP. Welcome to the UP HOT SEAT! Before we begin, please tell us a little about yourself.

I am Shatisha Nash but publish under the pen name Harmony A. Cambridge. I am thirty-four-years-old and from Richmond, VA. I have worked 10+ plus years full-time for a health insurance company. I have owned a book editing business for almost two years. I started writing the end of 2016. I am a graduate of Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration- Information Systems. I also have a graduate certificate in Information Systems and a Masters in Information Technology (Information Assurance/ Cybersecurity concentration). My education/ interest in technology has an influence on the topics that I include in my writing.

Loving the pen name, Harmony! That is a fascinating field. With a degree in such a high demand field, what made you decide to become a published author?

It actually came from a dare. One of my author friends dared me to start writing. Once I had written the first draft, I decided to publish it.

Now that is a first! Writing because of a dare! Sounds like a good book, hmm. Please tell us what genres do you write and wish to write?

I currently write suspense/mystery. I have started to venture into writing suspenseful romance.

We'll dive into some fun facts about you as an author. So please, tell us a unique writing habit that you have.

I write the beginning and end of books with an outline first. Then I free write how the reader gets from the beginning to the end.

When it comes to writing, are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am a night owl. Since I work during the day writing at night is usually the only time I have to do it.

If you were to write a book about yourself what would you name it? Why?

Fight or Die. I would name it that because at one point in my life I had to fight or I would have died. I had a severe case of pneumonia that the doctor’s told my parents I could have died. That made me realize in life you have to fight for what you want or die trying but never give up.

Let me just say, fighting back from illness is a praiseworthy feat, and a needed inspirational message for many. Now, we are going to talk about books that you have written. Please tell us about your current project.

My current release is part two of my Invisible Secrets series. It is titled Invisible Secrets: Revealed. It is a continuation of the story of a cybersecurity company’s executives who have been tasked to take down their boss by the CIA and FBI. During the process more secrets and deception is revealed about each main character’s life.

What is your upcoming project about? When will it be released?

My newest project is part three (finale) of the Invisible Secrets series. It is titled Invisible Secrets: Takeover. It was recently released.

What makes your writing stand apart from other authors?

In my writing, there is always a twist. There is nothing that is simple or as obvious even if it appears that way. I write from multiple points of views. There are at least four or more characters who you read their perspective from their standpoint. I also like to mix in suspense with hints of romance. Lastly, I trying to make my female characters strong, independent and powerful but human.

Would you like to collaborate with other authors on a book project?

I would like to in the future down the line. Right now the main focus is on getting my own work and name established.

Have you given any consideration to any other aspirations for your writing career?

I would love to write for the Huffington Post, USA Today, NY Times or some other leaders in the industry. Also, one day would like to see one of my books turned into a movie.

Your books sound extremely intriguing, but now we have to know more about Harmony the person. We'll start with your fave writers. What are your favorite books by indie authors and why?

My top five books by indie authors include: Counterfeit Dreams by Sasha Ravae, Bombshell by Xyla Turner, Two Worlds by Heather Rae, Ebony Articles by C. Lynette and Dope Fiction by Antwan Floyd Sr. The main reason that these are in my top five is the author was not afraid to take a risk. Each book is written uniquely showcasing the author’s ability to think outside of the books and dare to be different.

Outside of writing, what are your favorite past times?

Outside of writing, I am usually editing, If not doing that then I am listening to music, watching sports, watching new movies or TV shows, or playing around with Photoshop creating my covers. I am a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Yankees and noise cancelling headphones.

**Stands on Soapbox** DC4L! Football fans get it, LOL Tell us one thing about you that is a little known fact.

I have a rug that my brother sent to me of Mickey Mouse while he was deployed in Iraq.

Unfortunately, we have to wrap up, but before we go we'll get a bit of advice from you. What is one lesson you’ve learned since becoming a published author?

Be selective in who you share your ideas and goal with because not everyone is hoping for your success.

What is one myth about being a published author that you learned and would like to share?

That self-publishing is easy. Self-publishing requires more work than traditional publishing.


Harmony, it was a pleasure to interview you. We look forward to your future works! Please connect with the author and check out her collection of books.


Harmony A. Cambridge

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Observe. Prioritize. Connect. Execute.

Who is the infamous Bossa? In the end, will it matter? All of your favorites and more are back in Invisible Secrets: Revealed seeking one goal; Divulging Secrets. Loyalty lines that were once defined are now blurred. Destroying one’s life may be worth it after all. Who said revenge couldn’t be sweet? Prepare to be granted access inside of a world where a security clearance is a privilege and betrayal is a requirement. When the smoke clears who will be left standing? Alejandro. Emilei. Savannah. The Russian Twins. Nothing is as it seems until it is Revealed.

Remember: The soul has no secret that the behavior does not reveal. ~ Lao Tzu


Emilei has somehow gotten me to partially reveal myself to her despite being against my own plans. She wanted to meet so I obliged. It was obvious that Alejandro couldn’t do the job. He was starting to become more of a liability than an asset to this operation. She now knows I am a female but this mask still obscures my face and voice. It was a rule that no one but my closest workers knew my true identity. It instills a greater fear to only see someone’s eyes stare into your soul as they watch you take your last breath. What a thrill! Sitting here in complete silence, she stared and watched my every move.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I finally spoke, “Emilei, don’t get quiet now! You wanted to speak only to me, right? Well, here I am. I’m waiting.”

Emilei’s raspy voice replied, “How could you do this to me? You know what I have been through. I will give you your information. In exchange, you will let me go and exit my life for good!”

After hysterically laughing, I decided to respond. “Do you really think you are in any position to be making demands? Listen up, I’m being patient with you. To be honest, my hand is itching to use this glock and put two bullets between your eyes. But the information that you have is important.” Pulling the Glock 41 out, placing it on my lap her eyes widened. The tears swelled in her eyes but she resisted the urge to let them fall. Knowing that this was having an effect on her was enough at the moment.

“Now, what you will do is give me what I want. Give me everything on your connection with the CIA, and any other pertinent details on my operations. Then I’ll consider whether or not to let you live! Don’t test me, Emilei. You know these are not idle threats. Do we need to rehash out the events that occurred in February?”

Hurriedly, she said “No, There is no need for all of that right now. Fine. I will tell you everything that you want to know. Just don’t make me relive February in front of these people.” The shaky and timid sound of Emilei’s words amused me. There is nothing like hearing the fear in a person’s voice. Emilei knew not to cross me. February 21st stayed in my mind probably more than hers. It is a night that she would never forget. As long as she was alive that date could be used as leverage to get whatever I wanted out of Dr. Emilei Kristoff.

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