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Author Interview-Come on Readers, Let's get IN-Formation with Author Avni Parekh

Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author!



This interview features, Author Avni Parekh, the non-fiction informational writer. Readers! Let's get In-Formation from this educational and motivational writer.


Welcome to the UP Hot Seat Avni! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Miami, Florida, and earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Florida International University. Prior to publishing “Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself”, I served as public relations manager at VITAS Healthcare, the nation’s largest hospice provider, where I worked for six years. Before that, I served as director of operations at The Prana Yoga Center—South Florida’s premier yoga studio.

I specialize in public relations and strategic communications, online reputation management and copyediting, and have more than a decade of managerial, business development and marketing experience.

A forever lover of the arts, I also highly encourage and support innovation.

Why did you make the decision to become a published author?

Since childhood, it has been my dream to become an author—actually it’s been more of a calling than a dream. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed writing and it only seemed natural to take my writing to the next level by publishing a book. My goal is to positively impact readers through the information I share and the perspective I write about.

What genres do you write or wish to write?

My preference is writing non-fiction, with a strong focus on informative and motivational writing. I also dabble in writing poetry and have hopes of publishing at least one fiction book during my lifetime.

Let's get to know you as an author. When it comes to writing, are you a morning person or a night owl?

I have to say, when it comes to writing, I can write all day long. However, I’m a night owl and find it easier to gather my thoughts at night, or as soon as the sun goes down. The energy at night is very different than in the day, the air is calmer and it has more of a soothing effect on the mind.

Tell us a unique writing habit that you have.

I’m not sure if I’d consider this habit unique, but an incessant habit of mine is that I write on anything I can get my hands on. Ideas can come and go as quickly as flicking a light switch on and off, so it’s important to be able to capture them the very moment they drift into your mind. I have a tendency to write on napkins, envelopes, post-its and every notepad lying around the house.

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it and why?

One of the last books I plan on releasing will be a fantasy novel based upon different chapters of my life. I don’t have a name for this book just yet as it may take me a couple more decades to develop.

Now let's delve into your book. Tell us about your current book project?

A couple of months ago, I announced the release of my first published book, “Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself.”

My goal for writing this book is to be able to ease emotional suffering caused by interpersonal conflicts. For example, every experience we have, negative or positive, can leave a lasting effect on our psyche. Sometimes, an experience or a series of events in a person’s life can negatively impact their outlook on life and can inhibit their good judgment, causing them to react in a way they normally wouldn’t if they were in a positive state of mind.

There is unnecessary violence taking place in the world, and I know that each one of us can contribute to reducing conflict by being more mindful about how we treat one another and by choosing to take the high road when faced with difficult situations.

A neat aspect of the book is that readers, as well as nonreaders, are encouraged to pay it forward by using the hashtag #BTBP on social media when they see their loved ones upset or reaching out for help.

What is your upcoming project about and when will it be released?

I have a few upcoming projects actually. I have two books in the works; one pertains to adopting a healthy diet and the other delves into healthcare. Ideally, the books will be released in 2019, or by 2020 latest.

I’d also like to share a couple of my ongoing projects. In 2015, I launched, a multicultural blog site that helps women cultivate and maintain beautiful hair. In 2016, I started a petition on to implement a mandatory, annual psychological examination to all officers across the nation to help protect good cops from catching a bad reputation and to minimize unnecessary police shootings. Those interested in reviewing or signing the petition can visit

What are some of your aspirations for your writing career?

I think it’s very important to help others and give back to one’s community. I’d really like for my writing career to allow me to branch out to bigger projects that can positively impact the world.