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Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author!


This October, UP is going RED as we host a special event. Red Ink Publications, the Masterettes of Horror, are hosting their annual October Horror Fest and Untamed Publishing is proud to be a part! This week you will learn more about Red Ink Publications and in the following weeks more about their Sons of Cain series and the Ladies of Horror. Let's sit back and have a scare-rific good time while we enjoy the writings from the red ink pen!



Our Mission.

We, at Red Ink Publications, dedicate our time to send the message to the masses of historical fiction—with a deadly twist as well as horror told by few before. In the literary world, horror told from the aspect of women has been deemed as uncompelling and non-interesting. Our novels test limits of the supernatural and even historical events by retelling and renovating history as we know it. With over 25 books under our publication being told for the past 5 years, we have integrated our characters in a way, again, little have heard of before. Since the very beginning our founders, Aminah and Omega, have held a liking to the ways in which companies such as Marvel and DC comics intertwine their characters in such a way that they have been deemed the first to own a company with multiple characters from not only different series, but from different authors. There have been over 5 books to include character crossovers from one series/author to another, one more shocking and exciting than the last. In full, our message at Red Ink Publications is to go beyond the limits, test boundaries and to help recreate a different part of history one novel at a time.


Aminah Iman:

Aminah Iman is an award-winning author whose writing style ranges from Historical fiction to the Supernatural. She started writing at a young age and believes, whether read, spoken, or written, words are the essence of power. Aminah loves reading as much as she loves writing and spends a great deal of her free time immersed in the pages of a book. She started Red Ink Publications with one idea in mind, to bring beauty to the world through the written word.


Omega originally started out as a graphic designer, her first noticeable work being the 'Awakening' book cover for The Delacrux Saga. That lead to her then becoming Aminah Iman's assistant and her Graphic Designer in the same year. In the middle of 2015 she and her boss created what we all know to be Red Ink Publications. Since then, she has done graphics, promoted her fellow publication mates and is a part of the Creative Directors department. She is known as the mischievous one of the group and out of them all, the most playful. In her free time she tends to practice perfecting her graphic designing to help make Red Ink Publications rise.

Jaqueline Stone:

Jacqueline Stone is a locked door built from sarcasm and blunt statements. But once the door is open you will soon see yourself showered with witty humor, love and honesty. When she’s not converting her wild imagination into ink and paper, she’s cuddling up with her grey cat named Sheba and drinking black coffee. Even

though Jacqueline lives a private life, her vibrant personality, and open mindedness is enough to keep you captivated and wanting to know more. Jacqueline writes for the sake of writing. She looks at the skill as a way of not only keeping her sanity but allowing her most craziest thoughts and imagination to come to life.


This year, October Horror Fest is focusing on a joint series written by Aminah Iman, Jaqueline Stone and Omega. These three novels are each written by one singular author, though the plot in each novel remains the same. The Series is tilted Sons of Cain. This focuses on Cain’s three immortal children and how they lived their lives through the teachings of the first man ever born. The three novels all begin with the proposal from their father, who finally after centuries tell them the reason of their creation. To unlock the seven levels of heaven.


Are you as ready for October Horror Fest as we are? Good! Tune in next week as we bring you Aminah Iman, former UP interviewee and her novel, Part One of the Sons of Cain series, entitled The Origins of Malic.



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