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Red Ink Publications-October Horror Fest: Author Aminah Iman- Sons of Cain: The Origin of Malic Book

Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author!


This October, UP is going RED as we host a special event. Red Ink Publications, the Masterettes of Horror, are hosting their annual October Horror Fest and Untamed Publishing is proud to be a part! This week you will learn more about Red Ink Publications and in the following weeks more about their Sons of Cain series and the Ladies of Horror. Let's sit back and have a scare-rific good time while we enjoy the writings from the red ink pen!


Welcome Back Aminah Iman to the UP HOT SEAT! It's an honor to interview with you again, but this time for the special Red Ink Publications October Horror Fest. I realize we’ve highlighted Red Ink Publications, but can you tell us a little more in depth about how Red Ink came into fruition and your future projects?

Absolutely. Red Ink Publications was formed five years ago by me and Omega. I had already self-published five books and Omega, at that time, was my assistant and graphic designer. We had a talk one day and realized we both envisioned something bigger, we both wanted something more. We wanted a publication house that focused on women in horror literature, that showed women were capable of writing great horror novels. We are strong women writing about strong women.

Can you tell us what October Horror Fest is all about with Red Ink Publications?​

October Horror Fest is Red Ink’s holiday. It’s when all of our authors get together and write our scariest horror/supernatural books that coincide with one another. It’s when we showcase how Red Ink is not just a publication but a universe.

Although UP is very familiar with you, can you please tell the readers a little about yourself as an author.

Let’s see… I am an avid reader first and foremost and I absolutely love research. I will spend months researching a subject for a book. I write mostly historical fiction with a supernatural/horror twist, but I’ve also written books that are strictly horror/supernatural. I tend to take on the personalities of my main characters and it can take days to snap back to myself after the book is finished. It drives Omega insane. Jaqueline, on the other hand, thinks it is hilarious.

Can you tell us about any of your fun Halloween experiences?​

The ladies and I always spend Halloween together. We have ourselves a wonderful October Horror Fest party because we release the OHF books on Halloween. We eat, drink, and talk to our fans via Twitter/Instagram about our books. It is so much fun!

What was your first introduction to horror literature?​ My first introduction to horror literature was Fear Street and Goosebumps books! Man, who else remembers those, am I showing my age? I loved those books. From there, I moved to Stephen King and Anne Rice. I was reading Mr. King when I was like eleven, I know that seems a bit young for horror books, but I couldn’t help it.

I loved Goosebumps growing up! What is your favorite horror book, aside from your own?

I have a few classic favorites, but my new favorite is definitely Yours Truly by Omega. When we first discussed Yours Truly I was originally going to write it. Omega was helping with the research and we would toss ideas back and forth. My schedule was booked (no pun intended) but I desperately wanted the book to come out. I convinced Omega to write it and I’m telling you it was fate. She wrote it much better than I ever could. She put such a twist on Jack the Ripper being a woman and the reason behind the murders… pure genius, and terrifying.

Are you focused solely on writing horror books or do you plan to move into horror film?

I would love to move into horror films. We are actually (we, being Omega, haha) working on a screenplay for the Vamperial series. It’s coming along very well.

Awesome! That brings me to my next question. Can you tell us more about converting your horror book into a movie? Why do you want to turn your book into a movie?

I would love to see the Vamperial series made into movies because the etymology of my vampires are different than any others. Aside from that, to bring all of my queens to the big screen would be amazing. To see my words converted into action would be a dream come true.

What subject matter do you use to create stories for your horror books?

I use a variety of subject matters to create my stories. If I’m writing a historical fiction book then I start with the person in which I’m writing about. After I pick the person I decide what type of ‘monster’ they are going to be. If I’m writing a straight up horror/supernatural book, I do research on different types of creatures. I like to write about more than your average vampire or werewolf, I like to go deeper.

Is there anything off limits for you as a horror writer with the gore or subject content?

Yes, there is. I will not write about sexual abuse. It’s just something I cannot do.

Understandable. Sexual abuse is extremely touchy and must be handled with a level of care. I think an author should only tackle it, if they are comfortable delving into the subject. Now, let's dive into this week's featured book. Please tell us more about your book, The Origins of Malic, Part One.

Sons Of Cain: The Origins Of Malic is part one in a four book series about Cain and his heirs. Malic’s tale focuses on his endeavors and how he has dealt with his powers and being the eldest son of Cain. He has the ability to control the elements as well as immortality, he is also more advanced than your average human. Malic’s biggest hang up is his father, they definitely have a love/hate relationship. The purpose of writing the series was to go all the back to when the sons were born and show their life up to present day, I did just that with this book.

Without giving too much away, Malic seems to harbor love in his heart, despite the fact that his father is extremely callous, and his mother seemed equally as callous. Why do you believe he is able to, on some level, experience these feelings of love?

I love this question! I believe Malic is able to feel love even though his parents denied him that is because of his brothers, Alec especially. For some reason, Alec has a way of making Malic feel more human, more humane. He despises Cain for not being more of a loving parent so he tries to be better.

Biblically, the story is based off the son of Adam and Eve, Cain. Will there be any future stories about the brother that Cain killed, Abel?

That is a very good question too. This series is based off the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s Cain. I am not sure if we are going to venture into the whole Cain and Abel storyline though… You never know what could happen, a prequel might be in the future.

Would you like to collaborate with other authors on a book project besides your phenomenal counterparts of Red Ink?

I am always open to new ideas and new projects. If there is an author that wants to collaborate, I would be open to discussing it.

As an expert in horror, I want to get your opinion about the horror genre. What draws people to horror novels? Why do we as readers like to be scared?

I believe people are drawn to horror novels because it speaks to our most basic innate response, flight or fight. It’s a way for us to be scared without being in a scary situation. Reading a scary book puts us in a fearful state of mind that we can easily get out of.

The perception of horror writers is that they are a little bit weirder than the average writer. Do you find this perception to be true or false? Why?

I totally agree with that perception. I know that I am a tad bit weirder than the average writer, I have to be. As a horror writer, I have to be able to think a different way, to go beyond what other writers are willing to. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just different. Your average writer probably isn’t going to think of ten different ways to kill a werewolf, but I do.

What stigmas do you believe are attached to women horror writers? How are you breaking those stigmas?

I think it’s hard for people to imagine women writing horror because of what it contains. It’s hard to imagine your mother writing a scene where a vampire rips the head off an innocent victim because women are perceived as being the softer sex, we are nurturers, we bring the calm not the chaos. I’m breaking the stigmas by writing what most people think women cannot. I write about the serial killers, the monsters, I write about the chaos.


Aminah Iman, it was a pleasure to interview you, and we look forward to your future works! Please connect with the author and check out her book, "Sons of Cain: The Origin of Malic”.


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