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Girl, have you read 'Haven' by L. R. Jackson

GIRL, HAVE YOU READ? You know a book is good when you hear that sentence! But in this case, the book has not been released. However, UP had first dibs on this upcoming release and instead of asking have you read, we're here to let you know...GIRL! YOU MUST READ "Haven" by L.R. Jackson! Check out our official review and more information on the book and the author below!


He looks down on me, accusing me of being a whore. He hasn't outright said it but he's thinking it. What woman picks up a man and fucks him hours after they meet? He doesn't know that I do it on a regular basis. He doesn't know that seduction is a ploy to kill my targets. He's irritating me right now. I want to punch him in the throat and watch him gasp for air. Better yet, if I had my glock with me, I'd fire it, just to get him to shut up. He acts like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. The nerve of him to think that I'm some damsel in distress! Me? Ha! He thinks he knows me. He thinks he can trust me. But little does he know, I'm the devil in a dress. And he'll soon find out.


Official UP Review:

Haven is bred as a contract killer for her Uncle Miles after the murder of her parents. Uncle Miles takes both Haven and her older brother, Chaz in as young kids. While Uncle Miles loves both, he sees the raging fury in Haven, and from the age of ten, trains her to be a fearless, emotionless, and ruthless killer. Haven trains for the hopes of one day finding the person(s) who robbed and murdered her parents. She is able to get plenty of practice for that day as her uncle's paid hit-for-hire henchmen. She's never missed a target until Trent Malone. Trent Malone is the savvy playboy businessman/club owner and Uncle Miles has sights set to take Trent out. With Haven on the mission, his takeover will be complete. But a night out of drinks and laughs compromises Haven's position and she soon finds herself in the crosshairs of Trent. Her dilemma leaves her in a sticky situation and soon the fearless, emotionless, and ruthless Haven is feeling something she hasn't felt since

This book is an unorthodox love story steeped in secrets and buried under betrayal. Haven and Trent take you on a journey as they fight against the thoughts in their mind and the emotions in their heart all while endearing insurmountable personal struggles. At the core of this story is an even greater sadistic tale that reveals lies and deceit so monumental, that it could topple Haven and Trent. Guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat until the very last word, these characters will hold you captive as they battle a dire and deadly situation for a chance at life and love.

Overall rating: 4 stars


About the Author: L.R. Jackson

Lewanda R. Jackson was born and raised in Cambridge, MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She has been writing since she was a little girl but her dreams were placed on hold while she pursued her education, built her career, and became a mom. After high school, she attended Bowie State University for three years before moving to Wilmington, DE. After her daughter was born, she received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration as well as her M.B.A. from Wesley College. She spent years working in the accounting field before deciding she needed a change and she enrolled in Widener University School of Law and completed the Corporate Law program where she obtained her Paralegal certificate. She now works in the Trust and Estate Planning business and in her spare time, she loves reading, cooking, traveling, and of course writing.

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