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Girl, have you read "In Love with His Wife" by L.R. Jackson

GIRL, HAVE YOU READ? You know a book is good when you hear that sentence! UP recommends "In Love with His Wife" by L.R. Jackson! Check out our official review and more information on the book and the author below!



My life was in perfect order.

I had my career as CEO of a fashion empire, a beautiful fiancée, and more money than I could spend in two lifetimes.

But that was before I met her.

Zara Price.

One look into her beautiful brown eyes and I was hooked. I was ready to burn my whole life, every careful plan I’d ever made, to the ground if it meant I could have her.

The problem is…she’s married.

And her husband just happens to be my best friend from college.

He doesn’t deserve her, though. He’s neglected and mistreated her, broken what I’d gladly devote my life to cherishing. So, I’m starting to not even care that she belongs to him.

The fact is, there’s no me without her. Not anymore.

Soon, she’ll have to make a choice. And in the end, she will choose me.

I’ll make sure of it…one way or the other…

**WARNING. This book contains triggers.**



Tyson Reed has it all. Money. Power. Influence. Career. Success. And a Baddie as a fiancee. The one thing he doesn't have is true love. Sure, he's engaged, but settling down with a woman who understood his CEO lifestyle seemed like the right move, and it was--until he meets Zara. At first glance, Tyson knows that Zara is the one for him. There is only one problem. She's married to his best friend.

In Love with His Wife explores the powerful and heartwrenching tale of Zara Price, who is stuck in a loveless marriage to the city's mayor, Tristan Price. To the outside world, she has the perfect life as the wife to the most influential man in the city. However, the secrets she withholds could cost her, her life literally. And then there is the sexy and exhilarating Tyson Reed, who shows her exactly how a real man is supposed to treat a woman. This story probes the depths of domestic violence and its root cause origins surrounded by a cast of characters whose personas evoke every emotion and bring this harrowing tale to light in gutwrenching form. You'll laugh, cry, be angered, hope, and root with them or against them. This mind-boggling tale will leave your jaw dropped with a climactic ending that will leave you on edge!

OVERALL RATING: 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

L.R. Jackson was born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She’s a fun and spontaneous Gemini who has an addiction for wings and a passion for food. By day, she works in Corporate America and by night, she dreams of Alpha Males and Romance, with her usual touch of suspense. Writing has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She always knew that one day she would share her stories with the world. But life got in the way and her dream of writing was put on hold while she graduated from college and became a Mom. Finally, over 25 years later, she can proudly say that she’s fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author. When she’s not playing chauffeur to her teenaged daughter, she can be found reading, cooking, traveling, and of course writing. She has a huge appreciation for her readers and loves to hear from them.

You may contact her via:

Facebook: Lewanda Jackson

Instagram: mdgirl1979

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