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The Perfect Testimonial

Hi there, Untamables!

Oh. Hello. Sorry, I was just daydreaming about the perfect testimonial that piques the interest of potential new readers.

Reviews and testimonials are the closest things readers have to add new books to their reading wishlist.

It’s time to highlight those testimonials so everyone can see why your book should be up next to read.

Are you ready to share testimonials as part of your book marketing? It’s easy with the Testimonial Builder tool. More about that in a second.

Summer blockbusters are coming to an end, and our timelines are filled with the first day of school photos.

Time to promote your book to those who will have a little more free time during the week.

First, you need to make sure your book looks awesome.

To market it online, you need to catch your audience’s eye.

Want good news?

You don’t need a professional photographer and designer to achieve this.

With a special program I use called MockupShots, you can put your book into 600+ different settings, some of which include fabulous testimonial images made with the Testimonial Builder.

Like these:

What’s even more exciting is I’ve convinced my friends over at Adazing to give you a massive discount on MockupShots.

They said yes, so now you can get MockupShots for only $80 (Still $198 if you buy anywhere else). Special for offer available now through September 21, 2022.


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