Author Interview-Author Nicole Saunders, When Legal Meets Literature

Welcome to Untamed Publishing's Author Interviews! As a company that caters to the self-published author, we want to highlight and support indie authors. There is a vast array of talent amongst us, and here's the opportunity to connect the readers to their next favorite author! This year we have an all new round of writers from all genres so let's saddle in and have an Untamable 2018!

This interview features, Author Nicole Saunders. Attorney turned Author turned Untamable! She's coming for all of her dreams and we get a sneak peek into her world as an author, when legal meets literature!

Hi Nicole! Let me first say it is an honor to have you interview with UP. Welcome to the UP HOT SEAT! Before we begin, please tell us a little about yourself.

I'm an attorney from Florida. I am the youngest of two children in my family. My family is very close. We are very supportive of each other. My family's encouragement has truly inspired me to follow all of my dreams--in law and in literature. I've always had an active imagination. I started writing my first novel when I was 10. It was a young adult fiction series. I started writing Disposable, my latest completed work, in college. I finished it while I was finishing up law school, hence the heavy emphasis on legal concepts in the book.

Awesome! That is a wonderful feeling when your family earnestly supports your dreams. Legal to Literature, with the demands of your profession, why did you decide to become a published author?

Honestly, it was the most logical step for me. I've been writing for many years. I felt it was time to get my work out there. I also didn't have the patience to query dozens of publishers. Additionally, I wanted to retain creative control of my work, so I decided to publish it myself. I founded the company Advocate & Entertain Media, LLC as a publishing company for my work as well as the work of other authors.

I love that! So empowering and I love to see our ladies out here making all of their dreams happen! And authors take note, she has a publishing company (hint, hint). I can probably take a wild guess, but what genres do you write?

Legal fiction and psychological fiction. I also prefer strong female leads in books, so I believe I still stick to the area of women's fiction for now.

I guessed it! We can fully understand your writing style because it reflects who you are. While we are discussing you as an author, let's dive into some more tidbits about you, as an author. When it comes to writing, are you a morning person or a night owl?

Definitely a night owl! My creative juices just flow when the sun goes down.

Tell us a unique writing habit that you have.

Incorporating characteristics of the people I know into my stories. I find inspiration from people's names, faces, gestures, etc. I try to incorporate these things into my writing in subtle ways. This practice helps keeps the characters authentic.

You may end up in one of Nicole's books, so play nice. (just joking) lol. Since we are on the subject of incorporating people into books, if you were to write a book about yourself what would you name it? Why?

The Upside would be my book title. It's a double entendre. On the one hand, I am a wheelchair-user. I have never walked without assistance. That has shaped the way I see the world. When I speak to people, I usually have to look up, because pretty much everyone is taller than me, because they are standing and I am not. Hence, the upside is my point-of-view.

On the other hand, the describes my view of life: I like to be positive, to look on the upside. That mindset has carried me through many challenges. I know God has a plan for my life. That gives me an upside.